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Event Information

GalaxZ20 Mission Protocol

Great, you made it through ZenBot virtualization and into to the GalaxZ20 Digital Training Event! Be sure to read the mission briefing and updates below. Virtualization is not without risk, but we seem to be getting some added alien signal interference...

Welcome to the Zenoss GalaxZ20 conference. We really wanted to create something special for you and I believe you will find this to be the most fun and original virtual conference you have ever been to! So that you have the best possible experience checkout our mission updates to get into the story of what you are about to experience. Also don’t miss our pro tips, these are some of the practical details about how the interface works and how to get the most from this conference.

Pro Tips

  • Be sure to join the Slack community.
  • Install the Slack app on your phone or open it on a seprate monitor/computer, so you can be a part of the conversation while you are watching the sessions in full screen.
  • To enter full screen click on the four outward arrows on the bottom-left of the video player.
  • To exit full screen use your mouse to reveal the four inward arrows at the bottom of the screen and click that, or press the “ESC” key on your keyboard.
Stardate 43155.8

Mission Updates

We’ve analyzed the signal. It’s alien alright, but it seems to be coming from… the 80’s? Nothing to worry about. The Zenoss Cloud can handle this, so grab your Walkman and blast those tunes because we’re in for one epic adventure!

As an extra precaution we’ve equipped your user interface with a universal remote. If the channel you are on loses signal be sure to try one of the other two channels. Click on the purple button to pull up the communication interface if you have any questions. AND DON’T LOSE IT! It may be your only way home.

Well you’re in luck! Zenny-3PO, human-computer relations, will be able to join you on this mission. He’ll let you know if he detects any anomalies. This is still your training, so don’t expect him to do everything for you, but don’t forget he’s there either!


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